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At Aspen Dermatology you’ll see exactly the right provider at just the right time.

We’ve assembled a team of dermatology-trained doctors, resident doctors, and a nurse practitioner to address your dermatological concerns.

Our Board-Certified Dermatologists are Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine who have served at least a three-year Residency in Dermatology after Medical School, and have passed exams given by the American Board of Dermatology or the American Osteopathic Association.

Resident Doctors are licensed Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine who are serving an additional three-year Dermatology Residency at Aspen Dermatology to become Board-Certified Dermatologists.

Aspen Dermatology is proud to be part of an impressive dermatology residency program.

A Dermatology Resident:

  • Sees patients;
  • Diagnoses more than 3,000 diseases that affect the skin, hair, and nails;
  • Performs surgical procedures such as skin and nail biopsies, excisions, cryotherapy and injection of fillers and Botox for cosmetic purposes.


Meet Our Team of Resident Doctors


  • Dr. Devin Burr

  • Dr. Seth Goodman

  • Dr. Anne Nguyen

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