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Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT)

  • Aspen Dermatology offers the latest in skin cancer treatment technology. SRT is painless, nonsurgical and highly effective.
  • The #1 new treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers and keloids. 95% cure rate combined with fast, in-and-out treatment sessions and prompt recovery.
  • Cutting-edge tech without the “cutting”! Say no to surgery and yes to cancer-free skin.
  • A pain-free option! Perfect for treating highly sensitive areas (nose, eyelids, lips, and ears).
  • Removes cancer and keloid blemishes with zero bleeding, stitching, pain, or scarring.
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More About SRT

Cancel Cancer with SRT

Every year basal and squamous cell carcinoma afflicts at least 4 million Americans. Before SRT, treating these non-melanoma cancers involved painful excisional surgery that risked scarring and infection. Now the downsides of treating the most common forms of skin cancer can be a problem of the past.

SRT is Safe & Effective

SRT is the first nonsurgical skin cancer treatment that protects and restores skin health and beauty without pain or risk. Using SRT, our dermatologists target problems areas with a specially calibrated dose of radiation to penetrate the topmost layer of the skin, destroying basal and squamous cell carcinomas with 95% efficacy and zero downtime.

Choose Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Keloids (nonmalignant tumors) threaten the confidence of at least 11 million people on any given day. Though genetic predisposition can be a contributor, everyone is susceptible to skin trauma from acne, chicken pox, burns, etc., which is also a cause. SRT effectively banishes these blemishes without the risk of additional scarring.

The Leading Alternative to Mohs Surgery

Though Mohs surgery remains an effective option for certain cancers and stages, it used to be the ONLY option. Now a new technology is on the rise. SRT boasts the same cure rate as Mohs and other treatment options but with none of the downsides. See before and after photos here [link to photos] and ask us about SRT today.

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